Nominee Information

Thank you for your interest in serving on a USTA National Volunteer Committee for the 2021-2022 term.

Before you fill out the application on the following page, please read and acknowledge the following statements by placing a check in the box to the left of each statement. You may then click "Continue" below to proceed. 

I am able and willing to attend all Committee meetings and National meetings, whether in-person or virtual, to participate on a National Committee. I understand the USTA does not cover travel costs for Committee Members serving on National Committees. (You may contact your Section office to determine if they subsidize these costs.)   

I am proficient in the use of the Internet. I understand that much of the communication for National Committees is done by email, using an online collaboration website (Google Sites) on which I would be trained and required to use to be a successful USTA National Committee Member.

I understand that should I be selected to serve on a National Committee, I must be a USTA member (as required by USTA Bylaws) and submit a signed Conflict of Interest Disclosure (COID) form. I understand and agree that my contact information will be included in the USTA Yearbook and National Volunteer Directory.

I understand that I may not be contacted to discuss my application prior to National Committee appointments and that I will not be contacted for a personal interview.

I understand the following Committee Appointment Process (CAP) timeline which is driven by USTA Bylaws.

July 15, 2020National Committee Application Opens
July 15 - September 22, 2020                   Immediately after an application has been submitted, the candidate will receive an email thanking the applicant for applying and includes information and dates regarding CAP. Reference the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document for more information at
September 22, 2020National Committee Application Deadline. Reminder message to all applicants and the USTA Family 
October, 2020Nominating/BOD Slate Affirmed
December 2020Committee Member Appointments finalized

Please note: You must acknowledge your understanding of all statements by checking each before you can continue on to the application to serve as a USTA National Committee Volunteer. Thank you.